Winter Pest Control

Keeping your home and business safe throughout the winter months

Pest control is a full time, all year round job, with some pest being active throughout the year, and others being more active during particular seasons.

During winter we have increased calls about rodents, and this year is no different! Rats, mice, and even squirrels, seek warmth, shelter and a food source when the temperature starts to drop. Looking out for the signs, keeping your property pest proof and having a pest control plan in place will help you to be more prepared if the little critters decide to invade.

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Homes & Gardens

Rodents are most commonly found in loft spaces, wall cavities, garages and sheds. Rats and mice can create a fire and flood hazards from chewing through cables and pipes, they constantly gnaw in order to keep their teeth filed down.

Signs of Rodents:

  • Scratching or gnawing sounds
  • Urine odour (string musty smell)
  • Droppings will indicate where they are most active
  • Signs of chewing on food packages and entry points
  • Shredded materials used for nesting

Preventing Rodents in Your Home

  • Keep bins covered with a secure lid
  • Ensure all food is stored securely
  • Block up any obvious entry points
  • Remove clutter from your house and garden
  • If bird food is attracting them, try removing it for a few weeks to see if this alleviates the problem

Commercial Properties

As a business or property owner you are responsible for dealing with pest problems as they can be a threat to employee and customer health and safety. You have a legal requirement to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide a safe working environment, and for any premises that serve or prepare food, you must meet the requirements under the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013.

As well as the potential to spread disease and damage property, pest problems can ruin reputations, causing loss of earnings, fines and prosecutions. Following an infestation, reputation and customer confidence may never recover and eventually lead to closure.

The signs to look for are the same for any property, but pay particular attention to areas of food storage and preparation making sure everything is clean and secure.

Preventing Rodents in Your Business

  • Use a qualified and experienced pest control company to prevent infestations, and to make sure you’re meeting legal requirements, with the correct documentation
  • Block up entry points and make sure your premises are secure
  • Food should be stored in tightly sealed containers
  • Premises should be kept tidy and free from clutter as this gives the rodents more places to nest
  • Cleanliness should be the highest priority, surfaces and floors should be cleaned regularly, food and waste bins should be secure. If the rodents have a food source they will keep coming back


Pests will always be a problem where there is a large amount of food in one place, farms and grain stores are a perfect example. With such volumes of food available, it can be tricky to persuade the rodents to part with it, especially if you’re dealing with a large infestation.

Damage from rodents can be expensive to fix and also cause loss of earnings. The sooner you have a plan in place the easier it will be to deal with it and keep on top of it.

There are a number of things to consider when controlling pests on farms:

  • Identify the rats nesting places, runs and food sources in order to place bait in the correct locations
  • Check for access points in grain stores and block them up
  • Consider how many visits are appropriate for the level of activity, size and type of farm
  • Standards and food safety laws to adhere to

We make sure you have the correct documentation and pest control management plan that is up to standard, whilst ensuring your farm is protected from pests.

Other Pests

Rodents are the most common pest in winter as they seek shelter and warmth, however they’re not the only pest that can cause problems in the colder months.

  • Moles – Most active through late winter to spring, they can be very destructive and quickly create a network of tunnels. Collapsed tunnels can be dangerous to cattle and horses.
  • Cockroaches – Although they prefer warm, damp and undisturbed areas, with central heating being on throughout winter they can be seen in colder months too.
  • Stored Product Insects – These tiny pests can cause a lot of damage to food stores, and potentially contaminate the product causing loss of earnings.

Professional Pest Control

Always employ a fully qualified and experienced technician to control domestic, commercial and agricultural pest infestations. Our technicians cover all of Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.

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